So pleased with the Marlborough Christmas Lights…

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December 14, 2012 by We Love Marlborough

Children had a real magical experience with Santa this year, and the night was busy right from 3:15pm to 8pm. About 3,500 people were estimated to have turned up on the night to watch the lights go on and visit the town hall and the outside Christmas Communities  Market.

For you fact fans: 141 children visited Santa in 78 sittings (no wonder he was hoarse by the end), an average of 20 per hour – and fully booked. Pete – who booked the kids in for the grotto – brought his journalist skills into play by finding out who had birthdays, and who was the ‘fastest boy in the world’ (mums and dads – you’ll know what I mean), so Father Christmas had some great things to talk about with the children. Anne introduced the kids to Santa and Diana selected the right presents for all the children who visited so it was quite intensive, but worth it.

We think all those children believed in our Santa – he was the REAL one after all – and properly set them up for Christmas.

What surprised us was that 11% of the children were aged nine and over, the oldest was 12 (as part of a family group). They still (like me) want to believe, it is such a magical part of childhood and not something one wants to leave behind in a hurry! The youngest were a couple of weeks old – they were the two new born twins of Saskia and Chad, We Love Marlborough committee members, and of course we wanted a pic of them with Santa.

It was also great having artist James Aldridge helping people make Christmas crowns. It was really fun seeing little ones, teenagers and mums and dads making sparkly headgear. Take a look at the Christmas media coverage of the lights switch on – plenty of crowned children watching in awe of the countdown!

Marlborough News Online

Gazette and Herald

The gift stalls downstairs in the town hall were quite special. Traders make such an effort to make their stalls lovely. Sandra Young’s looked like a cave of delight with her beautiful glass dragons.

A really good night, and fun for us organisers too.


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