Comedy night in Marlborough?


January 30, 2013 by We Love Marlborough

We’re considering a comedy night in our lovely little town. We’ve been approached by an up and coming locally-based comedian to run one – he’ll source professional, top quality comedians for a monthly night, potentially at Azuza nightclub – but our big question is: are there enough people in Marlborough who want stand-up comedy?

If you, lovely reader, would come into Marlborough for a comedy night, let me know, below.


2 thoughts on “Comedy night in Marlborough?

  1. Martin Brown says:

    Did this ever go any further? I am interested in starting up a comedy night in Marlborough but don’t know how much support it would get. I currently run the Moonrakers Comedy Club in Devizes and we get 50-60 people once a month. are any venues interested in running a night and seeing how it goes?

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