Marlborough Carnival, Christmas and AGM


September 12, 2013 by We Love Marlborough

We’re meeting Monday 23 September, 6-7pm, top room at The Bear (High Street, Marlborough) for the AGM.

After the annual general meeting (the legal bit) we’re looking at two things for 2013/14:

  • plans for Christmas Lights (Thursday 28 November 2013)
  • Resurrecting the Marlborough Carnival parade

Do come along (especially if you are an official We Love Marlborough member) not just because it would be great to see you, but also because we need a certain amount of people to make it official!

Why the Carnival Parade after so long without it?

I (Louisa, WLM secretary, etc) went to Devizes Carnival this year. As someone who loved entering the fancy dress as a child and now accompanies a seven year old son to them, I was struck by how popular the carnival is. There were throngs of people lining the streets and the pubs were full and buzzing once the procession was over. And I expect they made a stack of cash for good causes.

Any time we have something like this in Marlborough, people come out in force – Christmas Lights, the Olympic Flame, military marches.

So, onlookers – no problem. We just need to get people to take part and to organise it. But if Pewsey, Aldbourne, Devizes, Warminster, Trowbridge, etc can do it – why can’t Marlborough?

I firmly believe if we get a good committee together and divvy up the jobs properly, we can have a great procession and have a lot of fun at the same time!

Interestingly, the plan was already on the table to look at the carnival before the plea for help for Marlborough Fun Day (which replaced the carnival) was on our Facebook page (and then in the local rags). So obviously we need to look at that too. I’m going to get along to that meeting next week, Tuesday 17 September 2013, 7.30pm Marlborough Football Club (Elcot Lane).


4 thoughts on “Marlborough Carnival, Christmas and AGM

  1. saskia elias says:

    Thanks…do you have an idea of when the carnival replay might happen?

    Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 14:07:58 +0000 To:

    • We Love Marlborough says:

      End of September, after Pewsey Carnival. But this is all up for discussion.

      • Rob Dickens says:

        If you would like any information on costing, manning and running Marlborough Carnival…please get in touch….. manpower and working for two years in advance for each procession and only raising £500 for charity each time is why we stopped the procession and put the fun day in it’s place (this raised around £4,000)

        The carnival was started to raise funds for Savernake Hospital in the late 1800s/early 1900s the same as Pewsey Carnival…but anything we raised went to local charities and a couple of times to the friends of Savernake

        Please ring on 01672 515171 … evenings

        Rob Dickens

      • We Love Marlborough says:

        Thanks so much for the offer of advice – we are going to need it!

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