Carnival progress


October 24, 2013 by We Love Marlborough

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Carnival season is almost over. Many would argue it culminates in Bridgwater Carnival on 2 November, probably the biggest illuminated carnival procession in the world.

I (Louisa) have, this year, been to Devizes (end of August), Pewsey (mid September) and last week, Trowbridge. I’m off to Bridgwater Carnival next week for the first time – I’ve looked at the website and it looks completely nuts! I remember a friend of mine at junior school went every year (30 years ago now) and it was supposed to be the best carnival procession even then.

Seeing the brilliant processions of these market towns, and the sheer enjoyment it brings to them has really fed my enthusiasm that it is a fantastic thing for a town to do!

Take a look at the Bridgwater Carnival website to see what I mean:

PS Featured in the photos are my son, daughter and husband who is another WLM committee member. Former committee member Louise Rennie (Curious Company) is also in there as Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts on stilts.


2 thoughts on “Carnival progress

  1. I lived in Bridgwater until we returned to London when I was 10, and I remember the Carnival, together with the huge fair, as the highlight of the year. I still have friends there and went to the 2009 Carnival which was just as magical and OTT as I remembered it. Wonderful! Enjoy!

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