Taster session – how did it go?

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November 20, 2015 by We Love Marlborough

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Art students from St Johns Academy, young people from Avebury and from the Pheonix Club came to the We Love Marlborough Happiness Arts Taster Session on Wednesday.

Alex from Kaya Drums – the lead artist – welcomed everyone with a name game, then led an energetic warm-up on the drums.

Then we headed into the main activity. Alex produced large cardboard boxes and gave one to everyone – including the adult volunteers – and asked them to put on them their ideas of happiness. Cue discussions: ‘what is happiness?’ – ‘what makes me happy?’

Abi said one of her online profile was the one-word: ‘melancholy’. I asked her if being melancholic made her happy. Melancholic is not the same as ‘depressed’ or miserable’. It strikes me as a poetic word, a description of a reflective mood rather than something you’d necessarily want to get away from. The official definition is: ‘a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause’.

Everyone carved their words, drew their images and cut out pictures from old National Geographic magazines.

Thomas, who is a BIG Buzz Lightyear fan, knew exactly what was going on his box. But he still remembered who’s most important: ‘I love Mum’.

Tess picked out a couple of fabrics from scraps I had from home. I was thrilled to see which two she chose for curtains for a stage cut out on her box (being on stage makes her happy) – the two fabrics I am currently using for a new jacket I’m making. Good taste, Tess!

Louise chose The Walking Dead as her happiness. The TV show The Walking Dead is one of the best things on TV in my mind but it does beg the question – how is watching a zombie apocalypse happiness? The thrill of being frightened? The kick you get from being sucked into a really good story?

Teegan cut out an XBox symbol. Electronic games are so immersive these days, even more addictive than a good drama. I used to play MMOPG (massively multi online player game) World of Warcraft and remember being really surprised to learn that all the music (which is brilliant and really sets the scene) is performed by real orchestras – no synthesized violins and the like. The artwork, backstories – mythology/lore – and character voices rival the best movies. Such a creative industry to work in.

Kirstie choose equality as her happiness. Wouldn’t it be great if true equality existed?

Jan loves water. John loves burger and chips. Susie said ‘joy’ and I went for ‘silly’. There was a lot of love for chocolate.

The idea was they would have lights in the boxes and we would parade around with them in the dark for a short film. Sadly the lights weren’t quite bright enough for that.

But we were happy with the result all the same.

The Happiness Arts Taster Session was Wednesday 18 November 2015 at the former youth centre, Marlborough.

If you are 13-19 years old (up to 25 with disabilities) and would like to join in with the main Happiness creative project in January, and gain yourself a nationally recognised Arts Award, email Louisa with your details.

Happiness Arts is supported by Arts Council England.


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