Happiness arts is on!

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January 12, 2016 by We Love Marlborough

Happiness Arts
Age: 13-19 years (up to 25 with disabilities)
Cost: FREE!!!
Venue: Marlborough’s (former) youth centre, St Margaret’s Mead
NEW DATES: Thursday 18 February (half term) 11am-4pm, includes lunch
Wednesdays 24 Feb – 27 April 2016 (not Easter unless by popular demand)

Happiness Arts is a go!

Just before Christmas, I met with a group of lovely kids at St John’s School, care of Jan the community youth officer.

To promote Happiness Arts I asked them some Very Serious Questions.

Such as:

Is Santa fake or am I naughty?
Lemons or limes?
Should babies be banned?
Hands or fingertips?

Big Fat Party Cat or snoozy woozy cat

I am happy to report I had some Very Serious Answers in return.

Such as:

Definitely naughty. Compliment him on his beard. Leave chocolate and carrots. Be kind. Write a letter and don’t ask for too much. CLEAN THE CHIMNEY.
No!!! That’s horrible! In what circumstances?
Fingertips. No, hands. No, fingertips! No, HANDS! No hands! No fingertips! FinGERS! HANds!
I’m a Big Fat Party Cat. I’m a snoozy woozy cat.

If you want to know what Happiness Arts is all about, it’s this kind of silliness.

Oh, and you can get an Arts Award for your trouble, too.

Back in the end of November (doesn’t Christmas get in the way?!?) We Love Marlborough was awarded a grant from the Marlborough area community youth grant (thanks Local Youth Network and Marlborough Area Board for approving it). This and part of the grant from Arts Council England means we could run Happiness Arts with a bunch of professional artists, writers, musicians, etc.

See Arts Award Voice and the FB group.





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