Who is the fake taxi driver?

Apr 11, 2021 Cab
Who is the fake taxi driver

Fake Taxi is a video web site that creates short videos in the adult entertainment genre. Started and owned by Jonathan Todd. Together with other sites, its online presence and assets are handled by MindGEek. Mind Geek owns 50% of Fake Taxi and you can find many videos of this on their On Line member’s videos tab. Some of them have been filmed by amateurs, others by real taxi drivers using professional cars.

Recently, someone had sent me one of the videos he had made using a hired taxi. I asked him who was the person in the video and he said it was Fake Taxi. The video looked very professional, the car looked very new and there was a sign near the taxi indicating that the taxi is for hire. I watched the video and was impressed with the professionalism of the video. It looked as if the taxi was waiting for a call and it was not moving when the taxi driver started the engine.

So who is the fake taxi driver? The answer is Jonathan Todd. He is the founder of Fake Taxi. I searched for Jonathan Todd’s name and could not find any information about him. The only website I found which contained information about him was Fake Taxi.

A search for “Jonathan Todd” on YouTube produced over thirteen videos. Most of the videos were filmed by amateurs using low quality cameras and amateurish equipment. One video showed the taxi travelling at slow speed on a motorway, another one showed the taxi driver making an unusual gesture and then recording the scene with his mobile phone.

None of the videos show the taxi at any traffic lights. The only thing that can be deduced from the videos is that the vehicles are driving around the area in some sort of vicinity. No one was actually filming the videos. There were no identifying features and the vehicles did not look like they were new models. It is not clear why the company would post fake videos on their web site.

After much research I believe that this company operates on behalf of large international corporations. They make money by offering “preview” experiences on their website. These are short videos that explain how the company services large business executives and celebrities. The videos do not show you actual taxi operations.

The company has a web site that does not look updated. The only way to access the site is by paying a fee. The fee gives access to the company’s services. Someone who is not interested in paying a fee might question whether the web site is designed to look legitimate.

I hope that the mystery behind who is the fake taxi driver has now been solved. Now we just need to focus on finding the real web site. We can also use search engines. When using them, it is important to use “Google” instead of “arta”. This will help you focus on relevant pages and web sites.

We can also try searching for “taxi aggregator” or “taxi web site”. This should help you find any articles, blogs, and other resources available to help you get the information you are looking for. When you find one of these websites you should have a screen shot of the web site in front of you. If there is any information that you are missing, it is probably because the page is not active.

Once you find an active web site, ask questions until you have a good sense of what the information is about. For example: is this the same company who ran my last taxicab experience? Is this an affiliate website promoting my services? Is this a referral web site that sends me sales promotions?

If you do not find satisfactory answers then it is time to move on to your second step of your research: do a Google search. I always feel better when I am given concrete information rather than being thrown a bunch of data at me without any sort of direction. In this case it is very simple. Google will tell you if there is any information regarding this person online.

Now that you know you need to know more about the person behind this false impression you will be able to determine if you should trust this person with your taxi cabs. The only way that I know of to find out who is the fake taxi driver is to use a credit/debit card to purchase online (with a secure server) and then use those charge cards to make the purchase. This has been working for me (and it works for you). Just be sure to keep all your billing information updated! Good luck!